Mandatory school beginning at three to further the core agenda. Think it can’t happen?

Three year olds, possibly still wetting their pants, taking two hour naps, will be in all day school. Kindergarten is the new first, reading and math at levels unfathomable. Because someone who has money thinks this will make us globally competitive and change the economy. College and career ready for babies. Literally. If this doesn’t open eyes, what will?



This is a follow up on the Universal Pre K and federally constructed rigor we previously discussed.
(Link here:

It has been outlined now clear as day. Here it is, in a nutshell. All that the oligarchs and the like want from our babies, listed here in plain words. Mandatory K AND PRE K, with very difficult (read : age inappropriate) material. Goodbye childhood, hello career ready from diapers on. Cradle to career has never been clearer than now. Common core has changed the face of the American child. We have lost our rights as parents to the corporations and Feds.
Children, babies, possibly still not toilet trained, are to be in all day school with an abundance of rigor and grit.

This piece is must read with a critical eye, as it is under this current regime of gross mismanagement by the USDOE that these words are written.

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